Best Pneumatic Staple Guns

For heavy-duty projects that need a staple gun, it’s better if you use a pneumatic staple gun. They’re a lot stronger and efficient in getting things done. You can be sure that the project you’re getting your hands into is securely placed when you use a pneumatic staple gun instead of a regular staple gun or other adhesive materials. It’s super easy to use and they usually come in lightweight or tolerable weights that makes it easy for you to carry it. If you’re interested in purchasing a pneumatic staple gun then check out these best-selling products on the market.

Surebonder 9600A Pneumatic Heavy Duty Standard T50 Type Stapler with Case

If you’re looking for an amazing pneumatic staple gun that’s half the price of the Hitachi one then you might like this product. A lot of people gave this good reviews and high ratings because this is actually a really good product. You can use this for upholstery projects and other low-key applications that you need to do. This can also be used for carpet padding and other small furniture repairs. Since this is a pneumatic staple gun you need an air compressor for this to work but you have to purchase that separately. This is easy to use too.

Hitachi N3804AB3 Narrow Crown Stapler

This is a best-selling product you should check out. The price point is very reasonable and the overall quality of the product is amazing. This pneumatic staple gun has an ergonomic design with a simple and east actuation switch that allows you to transition from a single actuation mode to a contact actuation mode. It’s light in weight only weighing 2.3 lbs. The best thing about this product is you can adjust the depth of the staple being delivered. You can be sure that this will get things done efficiently and quickly too.

Porter-Cable US58 C-Crown Upholstery Stapler

Another pneumatic staple gun you might be interested to check out is this product. A lot of people gave this good reviews and ratings for a good reason. Even though this product has a fairly simple design but it’s efficient in delivering the right depth and strength of staple for different kinds of projects. The size and the weight of the product are perfectly designed so you can carry this without any difficulty. This one has a one-inch nose extension which is great for some limited clearance type of fastening. For stability, this product has a steel top cap.


In choosing the best pneumatic staple gun you have to make sure that it’s high in quality, durable and efficient in providing you with an awesome performance. Make sure that it’s light in weight and compact to make it easy for you to carry it and operate it. Using it should be simple and easy too. Having one with an ergonomic design is the best. There are reasonably-priced pneumatic guns that you can find on the market if you’re on a budget.